We are not an education platform. We try to help you to getting your required IT certification rapidly and securely. We offer 100% pass guarantee.

Absolutely yes. We don’t offer any illegal exam services.

Our technical staff will contact you when your order is completed. Technical stuff will handle all the remote administration tools. Only you need give remote access.

Windows PC is perfect. Mac is not compatible with many systems which we use remote administration tools.

Yes. Exam system is recording the all session for security. Therefore you need to sit on the pc, front of the camera during the all exam.

If check-in process has not any missing thing, exam will begin directly. Otherwise proctor will connect you and call via exam software.

No. Our system cannot track by any exam provider.

You need only to watch the exam. Our experienced staff will answer the all questions.

Definetly yes. When you see the Pass on the score report screen, result syncs with your exam profile.

It is dependent on the exam sponsor. Some sponsors provide instantly a PDF version on their dashboard. Some sponsors send an email in 1-2 business days how to get your certificate.

Only enjor your new certificate.